CO2 - An overlooked stressor of Indoor Air 
While most known toxins are regulated due to health hazards, CO2 is a product of human metabolism and becomes a toxin when accumulated in a closed environment, over a long period of time, contributing to cognitive deterioration. ​​​​​​​
CO2 x Cognition   
Academic research showed how CO2 levels at just 1500ppm can reduce an individual’s cognitive abilities by 50%. it is the most abundantly generated molecular contaminant indoors. 
Our Work Environments   
We monitored home offices in London and Paris to find CO2 levels 300% higher than healthy limits. These spaces were monitored consistently for 3 weeks through regular 8-10 hour work days. Most users confirmed that they felt effects of being in one space for too long, but did not link it to the air around them.
Tobias Kappeler, Leon Grillet, Natalie Bar David Frenkel 

Design Research, User Engagement and Interviews, Product definition, Visual & Interaction Design
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