Location and site 
Jawahar Kala Kendra is a unique architectural landmark in the city of Jaipur, India. With the plan decomposed into 9 units, inspired by the fortification of the old city, the site serves as an epicenter to bring folk art & craft exhibitions. Two units are redesigned to exhibit the crafts of the region, and spark curiosity and conversations with amongst the urban population. 
Kriya is conceptualized as a 3-dimensional narrative of Rajasthani crafts. Prologue is the aspect of the narrative that generates curiosity. Every book, when opened creates a a third dimension with the user's perspective. Kriya proposes to visualize this interaction in architectural details. 
Design and Framework 
Two units are redesigned in the original art center as the a retail gallery and the eatery. The original structure is celebrated to frame new entryways. Wall openings and forms take inspiration from Block Printing (the most widely practised craft in the region) - with processes like twisting of fabric, printing, and occasional sunlight that takes part in production.   
The Live Gallery  
An experiential narrative invites viewers to step in to interact with the craft and the makers. Tactility in local material, play of form and light,  translate the idea of the prologue at every step. The demo area is designed to bring an authentic stage to the artisans, and bring the viewers to the same elevation to experience the craft process.
The Eatery  
The Eatery is designed to celebrate the long-standing traditions of crafted seasonal cuisines of Rajasthan. This dining experience is curated to find moments of reflection and surprise through design elements like reflective tables, local materials and the food ofcourse! 

Concept & Design Development, Space Planning, FF&E
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