Shared Futures: How will we live in the next decade?  
We started by building a scenario around rising populations, community living and urban hubs demanding decentralization and customization in food systems and consumption.  
In the future, surfaces will allow package-free transaction of materials.  
What if surfaces could allow transport of materials? The design process was broken down into a series of experiments. Each experiment soughts answers that determined the next step in the project. 
What if surfaces could shape themselves to contain materials?  
Further research directed us to define surfaces, packaging and materials as foodwe buy at the supermarket after experiments understanding the current state of the materket and consumption. 
Prep and Ingredients   
Our final prototype speculated the idea of pre-portioning ingredients to group and put in one 'cube' of packaging, that can later be watered done when received by the user to cook. We designed a delivery of this 'packaged' meal at the user's door step, fresh and ready to be cooked!
Nul: Food or Nothing  
Containing portioned ingredients in a gel material to explore opportunities for protection, transporation and storage of food while remaining package-free. 
Sille Bertelson, Leon Grillet, Jingyi Zhang  


Concept & Design Development, Rapid Prototyping, Design Strategy, Design Research
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