Only 45% of affected people recover from Eating Disorders, while others either improve considerably or remain chronically ill—the other 55% of survivors struggle to fight relapses daily.
Recovery is multidimensional - often weight focused, long & lonely with progress measured in triggering numbers and calories. 
My Role
Study literature while having active conversations with psychiatrists, nutritionists, and ED survivors to co-create a holistic, accessible & discrete platform for recovery.
A community-based recovery platform for eating disorders that connects the needs of the body and the mind visually, 'playting' them together to build a renewed understanding of nutrition and nourishment. 
Eating Disorders have the highest mortality rate of all mental health disorders in the world. 
Solo with an expert network including Dr. Namita Pangaria, Dr. Rahul Mathur (Psychiatry, AIIMS, New Delhi), Dr. Khandelwal (Consultant, Psychiatrist, SMS Hospital, Jaipur) & the Imperial College Health Partners (Imperial College London)
Design Research, UI/UX Design, User-Centered Design, Illustration
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